Ordinary people means 'ordinary people' or 'common people'.
The brand name was named by giving attention to the uniqueness of ordinary people. Everyone in the world has their one's particular thing, even though they are ordinary. Like this, we are all ordinary and unique presence.

We hope that every ordinary people can find their own's special things through our clothes. We are a designer label making specificity.

* Brand History
2018 fall-winter seoul collection
2018 spring-summer seoul collection
2017 fall-winter fashion kode
2017 pitti uomo 91, concept korea in milan collection at pitti immagine uomo 91
2017 spring-summer seoul collection
2017 spring-summer fashion kode
2017 pitti uomo 90
2016 fall-winter seoul collection
2016 fall-winter new york mens collection
2016 spring-summer seoul collection
2016 spring-summer new york mens collection
2015 pitti uomo 87
2015 spring-summer seoul collection 2015 fall-winter seoul collection
2014 fall-winter fashion kode
2014 pitti uomo 86
2014 fall-winter seoul collection (next generation)
2014 spring-summer seoul collection (next generation)
2013 fall-winter seoul collection (next generation)
2011.03 Ordinary People launched

* Contact
070-4411-2931 or 070-4411-2938

* Adress
서울특별시 강남구 도산대로25길 17, 2층 - 오디너리피플 쇼룸
17, Dosan-daero 25-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea